More commonly used in outdoor areas, the diesel forklifts for sale are the workhorses of the forklift family. This is because the diesel forklifts are able to move heavy loads and at the same time endure the harsh conditions of outdoor work. Unlike the electric forklifts for sale, the diesel forklifts for sale are often the cheapest options of the forklifts as well.

Over here at Singapore Forklifts, we sell diesel powered forklifts from a number of reliable brands such as Toyota and Hyundai. Our comprehensive range of sizes and capacities ensures that customer satisfaction is a guarantee!

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Benefits and Advantages

High Performance

Our diesel powered forklifts offer increased productivity and stability during loading and unloading of your goods. The engines have faster acceleration and lesser vibration during operation. You can fully trust our forklifts to deliver your goods from one location to another safely and quickly.

Easy Maintenance

Our diesel powered forklifts are easy to maintain and have long life spans. We provide maintenance services at very affordable prices, hence they are the ideal choice for your application.

Low Fuel Consumption

We provide diesel forklifts that are equipped with engines that have low emissions and fuel consumption. This reduces air pollution through emission of harmful gases. The engine has high fuel efficiency, thus reducing fuel cost.


Our diesel powered forklifts can operate in rough environment without any difficult. They have high endurance and are capable of carrying very heavy loads. They are designed with good maneuverability so that it can operate in confined spaces easily.

Top Brand Of Diesel Forklifts


Singapore Forklifts

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