As we move towards a society that is more concerned with our carbon footprint and how to lower it, the electric forklift has grown in popularity due to its more environmentally friendly features.

Here at Singapore Forklifts, we provide a wide range of electric forklifts for sale. All our electric forklifts are environmental friendly and built to last. With new technology implemented, they have become more efficient and powerful than diesel forklifts!

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Cost Advantages

    When you consider the lifetime costs of electric forklifts, they are normally more appealing than the other engine types. Even if the high initial costs of the forklift batteries and charging stations, because the electrical forklifts have longer life, the tend to break even in the long run.

  • Zero Exhaust Emission

    Electric forklifts operate on powerful traction batteries and hence there is zero emission of exhaust gas. This greatly reduces air pollution.

  • Easy Maneuvering

    Our electric forklifts are quick and easy to maneuver in both indoor and outdoor applications. They can perform very tight turnings in confined spaces and are very adaptable.

  • Superior Comfort

    Our electric forklifts provide high level of comfort and safety to operators. The versatile configurations greatly improve drivers experience during operation. Hence, this can increase their productivity and efficiency.

  • Easier Maintenance

    Because the electric forklift has fewer moving parts, there is a lower frequency that things may go wrong and parts wear out slower as well. In addition, because the electrical forklifts do not us coolants of transmission fluids, the is no need for a forklift repair service to constantly have to replace or change these fluids.

Brands We Have Available


Singapore Forklifts

Excellent Service Life

Our electric forklifts are equipped with very high storage capacity batteries which can provide longer service life. They can operate for more than 8 hours and are highly reliable. They have high energy efficiency and minimum downtime.

Large Variety

We offer a wide range of electric forklifts with different capacities and sizes at affordable prices. Our friendly engineers will give you professional advises and assistances to choose the most suitable electric forklift for your application.

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