Singapore Forklift is a veteran in the forklift industry, providing a wide range of forklift and related equipment for sale or rental depending on your needs. We pride ourselves on sourcing out only the highest-quality forklifts for our customers, and we in striving for service excellence, we always provide one-on-one consultations to understand people’s needs so that we can give the best advice.

Electric forklifts are available for mainly indoor and outdoor operations in light and heavy industries. They serve as important machines to provide general logistical support.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Low Maintenance Cost

Low maintenance cost of the electric forklifts make it more cost effective for the rentals as you need not worry about the excessive expenses required to keep it running.

Silent and Efficient

The electric forklifts also make less noise as compared to their diesel counterparts. This makes damn more suitable for indoor use. At the same time, they also produce less vibrations

Long Charging Time

One drawback of the the electric forklifts are the longer charging time. Client’s need to consistently remember to charge the forklifts to ensure that they are ready for use.

Choosing Singapore Forklifts

Proper Maintenance

Our forklifts are made to undergo constant maintenance and inspection to ensure that it is in tip-top condition when it is rented to you. You can be assured of little discrepancies and problems in our electric forklifts when we rent it out to you, increasing your productivity of your work.

Flexible Packages

Our rental packages are extremely flexible. From daily rentals to yearly rentals, we can provide the most competitive prices for quality forklifts right here!

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