When an electric forklift is not performing well, there are a number of possible causes. However, the best place to start the trouble shooting process is often the battery component.

Failures from the batteries can happen at any time, however, if you notice that the cables are stiff or swollen and the connectors have been damaged, the best thing would be to call a professional to get the battery replaced.

Forklift battery

Benefits of Battery Servicing

Like any equipment, the forklift needs to be serviced regularly so that it functions properly. In addition, there are numerous benefits that come together regular maintenance:

  • extension of battery life
  • prevention of damage to the forklift trucks
  • longer running hours
  • increased safety
  • increased productivity
  • reduced motor and contact replacement

Battery Repair Services

  • Repair damaged charging cables or batteries
  • Battery equalizing – Adjusting batteries to factory specifications
  • Batter neutralizing – Washing of the batteries
  • Battery capacity testing – Load testing
  • Battery cell replacment

Singapore Forklift Repair Services

In most cases, when there is a fault with the forklift battery or charger, our technicians will be able to do a quick diagnosis at your factory and handle the repairs on the spot. This will make sure that there is minimal downtime and very little disruption to your business operations.

Our mobile service trucks are equipped to handle the more common problems the electric forklifts face and provide immediate field service. Our experienced and trained technicians are not only seasoned troubleshooters, they will also be able to advice and educate you and the ways that you can extend the life of your batteries.

Require some assistance with your forklift batteries? Speak our technicians now to find out how they can assist you!