Whether you are in the logistics, construction or engineering industry, going through a forklift course and getting a forklift license increases the value you can bring to your company. This is because knowing how to operate a forklift gives you the ability to lift and transport heavy goods and cargo quickly and efficiently. Because of the nature of these industries, forklifts are normally required to transport and move large inventory and cargo and that is why companies value employees with adequate forklift license and certification. In line with Singapore Forklifts vision for lifelong learning, we want to provide readers with sufficient information to make an informed decision on where to obtain a proper certification to operate a forklift in a workplace environment.

As of 1 October 2009, the WSQ “Operate Forklift” Competency Standard, endorsed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workplace Safety and Health Council, has been implemented. The Standard requires all workers operating forklifts to have undergone the required training, and additionally displays the required competencies for forklift operation. Having a conducive place to train and practice is important so in this article, we summarise the top 5 places to take a forklift course in Singapore.

1. NTUC Learning Hub

NTUC Learning Hub is an organization devoted to providing training solutions and services. Their programmes focus on WSH (Workplace Health and Safety) standards, which make them highly reliable and credible. NTUC Learning Hub provides a myriad of courses classified mainly into courses for workers, managers, supervisors, professionals and trades skills courses.

For forklift courses, NTUC Learning Hub provides two types of courses, namely a 3-day and a 5-day course on WSQ “Operate Forklift”. The 5-day course covers similar content, but at a slower pace for learners who require more time to learn effectively, especially for those without a LTA Class 3 Driving License.

In general, both these courses aim to educate the individual trainee in 4 essential aspects:

  • Operating a Forklift
  • Inspecting a Forklift
  • Preparation of Forklift before Operating
  • Reinstatement and Handing Over of Forklift

The course focuses heavily on both Theory and Practical training, with highly trained professionals as mentors throughout the course. NTUC Learning Hub also provides industry-standard, high quality forklifts throughout the course for trainees to get adept to the operations of a forklift.

Throughout both these courses, the 3-day course (25.5 hours) and the 5-day course (42.5 hours) both accredit the trainee with a Safety Pass from NTUC Learning Hub and a Statement of Attainment from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).


  • LTA Class 3 Driving License (For 3-day course only)
  • 2nd time failures of the Practical have to retake the entire course

Requirements to Pass

  • 100% Attendance to the course
  • Pass a Theory Assessment (30 Minutes Test)
  • Pass a Practical Assessment (45 Minutes Test)


  • SDF/SME/WTS Funding available for corporate registrations
  • WTS Funding available for individual trainees.

2. PSA Institute

PSA Institute began in 1962 as a training institute, and has many years of experiences in training personnel. They offer various courses which have shaped Singapore’s Shipping and Logistics industries, and have trained up to 600,000 personnel to date, both Singaporeans and foreigners. Some of their courses include lifting, signalling, rigging, working at height, safety and port operations.

PSA Institute provides a wide range of forklift courses. These include the Forklift Driver Refresher Course, the Heavy Forklift Driver’s Training Course, Safe Forklift Operations in the Container Terminal, and Safe Forklift Operations in the Warehouse. Although these courses are more suitable for the intermediate and advanced forklift operators, it reiterates PSA Institute’s expertise in the area of forklift training.

For the standard beginner’s WSQ “Operate Forklift” Courses, PSA Institute offers 2 separate courses, one for Theory and one for Practical, each with different time frames and languages. The WSQ “Operate Forklift” Course Theory (1 Day) is taught in English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay. The WSQ “Operate Forklift” Course Practical is taught in English and comprises 2 courses, one with a 2-day and one with a 4-day time frame.

Basically, the topics covered aim to help the trainee attain the skills stated below, which are highly relevant to today’s industrial needs. The Theory and Practical-based topics are as follows:

  • Workplace Safety and Health Act
  • Forklift Introduction
  • Daily Safety Checks
  • Forklift Capability, Limitations and Stability Issues
  • Cargo Symbols and Instructions
  • Operation Basics and Traffic Management

PSA Institute separates its Theory and Practical Forklift training into 2 different courses to allow greater convenience for its trainees. This in turn allows trainees to learn at a leisurely pace without compacting all the knowledge required into a short period of time. It is in PSA Institute’s culture to use only its own training materials, aids and curriculum, while adhering strictly to the local context of forklift operation. The mentors at PSA Institute are trained consistently with numerous years of experience in the field, hence ensuring the quality of the forklift courses provided.

Throughout this course, after passing the Theory and Practical WSQ “Operate Forklift” course, the graduate will be presented with a Certificate of Successful Completion from PSA Institute and a Statement of Attainment from WDA.


  • LTA Class 3 Driving License (For 2-day Practical course only)
  • Theory course must be completed before attempting the Practical segment
  • At least 18 years of age with no medical or physical disability preventing the efficient use of a forklift
  • Trainees above 60 years of age require a medical certificate of physical fitness

Requirements to Pass

  • Pass the Theory Test
  • Pass the Practical Test


  • SDF/ SRP Funding available

3. AAT Training Hub

AAT Training Hub has been around since 2005, and has trained over 15,000 forklift personnel since its inception then. They are accredited by major government agencies such as WDA, MOM, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as well as the International Air Transport Association (IATA). They provide various aviation-based courses, safety, construction and WSQ-based courses, apart from forklift courses as well. Similar to PSA Institute, AAT Training Hub also provides Refresher and Heavy Lifting Forklift courses for the intermediate and advanced forklift users.

For AAT Training Hub’s WSQ “Operate Forklift” course, all technical and administrative functions of a forklift operator would be covered throughout. Much similar to NTUC Learning Hub, AAT Training Hub offers 2 courses, namely the 3-day and 5-day training courses for acquiring a forklift license. The 5-day course aims to provide a slower pace for learning, especially for trainees without an LTA Class 3 Driver’s License. The course contents are outlined as shown below, adhering to the WSQ Standard:

  • Operating a Forklift
  • Inspecting a Forklift
  • Preparation of Forklift before Operating
  • Reinstatement and Handing Over of Forklift

AAT Training Hub was the 1st pioneer in providing private training for forklift operators. Despite their short inception, they have gained the necessary accreditation from many major government agencies for various forms of training, which highly emphasizes their focus on safety and their strong reliability. Quality in education is definitely assured with AAT Training Hub.

After the course, students will be awarded the Statement of Attainment from WDA for completing the WSQ course.


  • LTA Class 3 Driving License (For 3-day course only)
  • Trainees above a certain age group require a medical certificate of physical fitness

Requirements to Pass

  • Completion of Entire Course


  • Applications of Funding through Skills Connect

4. UMW Equipment

UMW Equipment & Engineering Pte Ltd is the exclusive authorised distributor for Toyota Industrial Equipment, Komatsu Heavy Equipment and many reputable brands in Singapore. Founded in the 1960s, they have grown to become a trusted and reliable brand in the material handling industry. The company provides forklifts for sale as well as forklift rental services.

UMW is an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) that is authorised by the Ministry of Manpower to conduct forklift driver training courses. Their forklift license training courses are also approved by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the WSQ frame work.

UMW provides two different forklift operator courses. One for people with Class 3 Driving Licenses (4 day course) and one for people without (5 day course). During the course, trainees will be educated on the functional features of the forklift truck as well as the capabilities of the forklift trucks. UMW’s forklift courses also focus on improving the productivity for forklift operators and at the same time industry approved safety  procedures and practices. The topics covered during the course include:

  • Operational and safety checks
  • Understanding forklift capabilities
  • Basic lift truck operations and manoeuvring
  • Pallet and rack stacking

The forklift course from UMW is suitable for logistics and warehouse personnel who need to operate a forklift in the line of their work. Statement of Attainments (SOA) will be awarded to participants who complete the course successfully and also pass the competency assessment at the end of the course.


  • LTA Class 3 Driving License (For the 4 day course)

Requirements to Pass

  • Completion of entire course
  • Pass simulation test
  • Pass oral questioning test


  • Applicable for subsidies from Skills Development Fund

5. Tat Hong Training Services

Tat Hong Training Centre was founded and established in 1999 to provide a wide range of  skills and knowledge based training to a variety of industries. Located in Sungei Kadut, the Tat Hong Training Centre provides comprehensive training and re-training courses to ensure that trainees get educated on the latest operational practices and knowledge in their respective industries.

The objective of the forklift course at Tat Hong Training Centre is to properly equip trainees with the skills and knowledge required to carry out forklift operations safely and efficiently. There are two segments to the course, the theory and the practical portion. Some of the main elements of the training include:

  • Preparing and learning how to carry out a forklift operation
  • Inspecting a forklift before operations
  • Forklift operations
  • Maintenance procedures after forklift operations

Depending on whether you have a Class 3 Driving License, the course will be either 4 or 5 days. Upon completion of the course trainees will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) under the Singapore Workforce  Qualifications (WSQ) Framework. Should participants fail the final assessment, they will also be allowed to retake either the theory or practical portion.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Singaporeans, Permanent Residents or Holders of valid employment pass or work permit
  • Able to read and write simple English
  • Must be physically and mentally fit for training

Requirements to Pass

  • Pass theory assessment
  • Pass practical assessment


  • Applicable for subsidies from Skills Development Fund (SDF) and Skills Redevelopment Program (SRP)


  • Quality

    All the above 3 stated institutes for taking the WSQ “Operate Forklift” courses employ capable and experienced professionals as mentors, while being long-standing educational agencies with the required accreditation.

  • Flexibility

    PSA Institute stands out with providing 2 separate courses (Theory and Practical), which the trainees do not have to take continuously.

  • Cost

    NTUC Learning Hub’s 3-day and 5-day courses costs SGD$406.60 and SGD$620.60 respectively, with GST. PSA Institute’s Theory, 2-day and 4-day Practical courses costs SGD$80.00, SGD$250.00 and SGD$465.00 respectively with GST. Hence, if you are worried about the forklift course fees, PSA Institute would be a better choice because it provides a price advantage.

  • Pre-Requisites

    All the above 5 institutes allow a shorter time frame WSQ course for trainees with an LTA Class 3 Driver’s License. However, PSA Institute is more stringent with its pre-requisites, requiring the trainees to be physically fit and unimpaired.

  • Requirements to Pass

    All the above 5 institutes require a passing of their theory and practical assessments. However, NTUC Learning Hub requires an additional 100% attendance for their WSQ course.

  • Funding

    NTUC Learning Hub and Tat Hong Training Centre provides more avenues of funding for both corporate and individual level, followed by PSA Institute and AAT Training Hub.

Forklift License Validity In Singapore

As according to the Singapore Standards Council SS573 : 2012, forklift operators are expected to attend a forklift refreshed course every 3 years. This is to ensure that they stay up-to-date with current safety practices and procedures.


In conclusion, PSA Institute seems to be the slightly better option in this case with a stronger expertise in the shipping and logistics industries, better price and more detailed course outline. However, what remains important is the drive of a worker to consistently improve himself or herself. With numerous grants and funding by the government for both corporate and individual registrations, what are you waiting for? Hop on a forklift today! Looking to get a forklift? You can get check out our forklift rental services. We also have a range of forklifts for sale!