Forklift Masts are the vertical assemblies of a forklift which does the lifting, lowering, or in some cases, tilting, of the fork and the cargo. Singapore Forklift provides a variety of masts, depending on your requirements.


The are normally two factors which are used to categorize the forklift mast.

The number of carriages determines the number of stages there are within a forklift mast. There are the single, duplex triplex carriages. The triplex ones are normally more sort after because of the maximum height that it can achieve with minimal closed height.

  • Standard mast – Maximum visibility
  • Full tree lift – Useful for tight overheads, but impairs vision if movement is required

Benefits and Advantages

Large Variety of Mast types

At Singapore Forklift, we provide a variety of types of Forklift Masts for your requirements, depending on the lifting capacities as well as the maximum lifting heights. Feel free to consult us with your specifications and we will get back to you with the optimal forklift mast to use for your operations.


Singapore Forklift’s forklift masts are of the highest quality in terms of performance. All our masts are tested to be the most energy efficient in order to save costs for our clients, while not compromising the performance standards in terms of free lift distances. Additionally, we also have masts that support the “side shift” function, which allows the forklift operator to horizontally adjust the picking and placement of your cargo.

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