Forklift Motors are used to power the truck of the forklift, as well as its lifting mechanisms. In this case, a good forklift motor should possess a good power level and voltage level according to your needs, whilst being as energy efficient as possible.

Types of Motors

There are a variety of motors available and each has their advantages and disadvantages. Very often, it depends on what you intend to use the forklifts for to determine which sort of motor you should purchase.

  • Electric Forklifts – Lower maintenance cost however larger initial investment required
  • Internal Combustion Forklifts – Higher emissions and higher maintenance costs

Singapore Forklifts

  • Large Variety of Motors

    Singapore Forklift’s Forklift Motors come in a large variety of different brands and specifications, such that it can optimally support your forklifts. This ensures optimal energy efficiency as well as performance, such that our clients do not have to compromise on value when purchasing from us.

  • Quality Motors

    The forklift motors we sell are made with the highest quality. This ensures that our motors can operate effectively under high temperatures and rough working conditions, without being damaged for prolonged periods of time. This ensures minimal costs and setbacks for your operations.

At Singapore Forklifts, we guarantee the quality of our forklift motors sold. This is done not only with warranties, but with our word and commitment to service. We will repair and maintain any of our forklift motors as soon as requested, without any additional costs. Contact us for a consultation today.

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