Trust your forklift repair services to our expert technicians at Singapore Forklifts. We provide quality service that is cheap and affordable.

We also ensure that our technicians have the expertise and skills to properly service your forklifts so that they can immediately be used and there is minimal disruption to your operations.

Packages Available

  • Maintenance Packages

    Regular maintenance helps to keep your forklift in tiptop working condition and minimizes breakdown of the forklifts as well. We make sure that the mechanical parts are well-oiled and the necessary fluids are at the appropriate levels.

  • Immediate Service and Recovery

    In the event your forklift breaks down, our immediate forklift repair services would be most appropriate. We have a mobile team that can visit you at your site and try to provide immediate assistance.

Singapore Forklifts

With our large network and team, we try our best to provide prompt and immediate service to our customers. This is because we know a problematic forklift will disruption operations and may even pose a danger to the operators.

Contact us now and our consultants may be able to provide some troubleshooting tips before we get our technicians to handle your forklift problems.