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Singapore Forklifts provide a one-stop maintenance and service centre for all your material handling equipment needs.

With years of experience and knowledge in this industry, our mechanics and service crew are well-equipped to handle any problems that you encounter with your forklift. Whether you require repair services for your forklift battery, tire or transmission system, our crew is able to help you.

With our high quality and service standards, you can rest assured that we will try to resolve all technical problems and reduce disruption to your daily operations.

Need immediate help with your forklift? Give us a call right now and our technicians will drop by your office to take a look at your forklift.

Forklift Repair Service

Mobile or Service Centre

Our forklift repair services can either be done on-site at your premise or at our state-of-the-art service centers. Depending on whether your forklift requires major or minor repairs, our crew will make the necessary recommendations.

Cheap Replacement Parts

Due to the intensive daily use of these material handling equipment, the forklifts will naturally undergo wear and tear. Certain parts will hence require replacement from time to time. Because we purchase these forklift accessories in large quantities, we are able to achieve economies of scale and reduce the cost of replacing parts for our clients.

Comprehensive Service Packages

At Singapore Forklifts, we also have a very comprehensive yet flexible service packages. Depending on what you require, there is a package to fit your needs and budget.

Packages that we have include:

  • Periodic maintenance and servicing
  • Comprehensive overhauls for older forklifts
  • Fleet management

Types of Forklifts We Repair

From reach truck repairs to to VNA trucks, our engineers have experience handling brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Crown and much much more. The types of forklifts we frequently handle also include:

To ensure that we can provide a competitive quote for our service, our engineers will go to your location to do an assessment of the repairs needed. The first visit is non-chargeable and only if you decide to take up our service will our engineers issue you a quote for the repairs. Prices for the repairs will depend on the work that needs to be done but you can rest assured that Singapore Forklifts provides one of the most competitive forklift repair prices in town.

Singapore Forklifts

Regularly maintaining your forklifts is part and parcel of keeping your forklifts in good condition so that they can achieve peak performance. This also ensures that they do not breakdown when you need to use them!

If you are unsure of how to properly maintain them, you can speak to our consultants and they would be glad to provide some advice.

At the same time, repairing these forklifts may sometimes affect your operating costs.

If you wish to have a better grasp of your operating expenses, you can also find out more about our leasing services. Our forklift rental services include all your maintenance and servicing costs so you do not need to spend a single cent when you encounter problems with your forklift.

If you need help repairing aerial lifts on top of your forklifts, we also provide repair services for scissor lifts and boom lifts.

Experiencing a problem with your forklift? Then contact us now, we will have our technicians take a look at it right away!