Forklift Rotators are attached to forklift trucks just as forks are, and are able to rotate the cargo in different orientations for specific purposes. They are used for many of such purposes, such as moving drums or oil barrels, and for dumping as well.

Benefits and Advantages

High Strength and Durability

Similar to forklift forks, the rotators also encounters large bending stresses, and in an even larger number of orientations that the forklift fork. As such, we try our best to ensure that the rotators are strong and durable, such that it effectively secures your cargo without dropping it or spilling its contents, which may lead to costly clean-ups and replacements.

Large Variety

Depending on the features that you are looking for, we have a large inventory of forklift rotators for sale from various brands. Features include the customizable forks, side stabilizers and so on. These additional features allow our clients to determine which rotators works best for their specific forklift and ensures the best choice is made.

Singapore Forklifts

At Singapore Forklifts, we provide quality products and services to ensure that you have a piece of mind when using the forklifts. At the same time, these will also help to increase your productivity and efficiency when carrying out material handling jobs.

Speak to our consultants to understand more about the features available for the forklift rotators for sale. Book an appointment to see a live demonstration.