Replacing or repairing a forklift tire is more complicated than most people think. Unlike changing the tires for a car, changing a forklift tire involves the use of tools that most people do not own. The tools also differ depending on the type of tires that your forklift is using.

There are many types of forklift tires but they can be generally classified into 2 categories, the cushion tires and the pneumatic tires. Below are some of the problems that you may face and these will also give you a sign as to when you require repair services.

Repairs or Replacement Scenarios


Cushion tires are normally used indoors and smaller than other types of forklift tires. They are also have a smaller turning radius and are less expensive as compared to other tires.

Simple Wear

Some cushion tires have a wear line above the tire size. When the top of the tire meets the wire line, it is a good time to get a replacement tire.


Litter  or debris on the floor and cause pieces of the forklift tire to fall off. This will cause to the forklift tire to form cracks making it look like a potholed road.


One of the most dangerous forklift tire problems is tearing. This happens when the forklift tires come into contact with sharp edges and large chunks or the tires get cut off. This will cause the forklift to lose its balance and topple easily.

Flat Spots

Normally caused by misalignment or spinning, flat spots can be easily observed when a spot on the tire seems more worn out then the rest.


Pneumatic tires are primarily used for outdoor work. The are normally longer and wider than the cushion tires.

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The 2-inch rule is a good benchmark to see if the tire is worn out. If the diameter of the tire is 2-inches less than the height of the tire, it is a good time for a replacement tire.


Balding can be easily observed through the tire threads, drivers need to keep an eye on smooth centers of threads showing on the outside of the tire.


Cuts often require immediate replacement because it will cause the forklift tires to loss air rapidly. This will result in load imbalance or the toppling of the forklift which will definitely be a hazard in the work area.

Tire Pressure

The tire pressure is often stated on the tires and when they are not routinely checked, may cause damage to your tires and forklifts.

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In the above scenarios, it is best to get professional advice before making hasting or costly decisions. That is why we have our professional technicians and mechanics on hand to advice you on the best forklift tire repairs.

With our mobile forklift team, we try our best to provide immediate servicing and also on-site servicing for your forklifts so that your forklifts have minimal downtime and there is no severe disruption to your business operations.

Contact us and let us know what are the problems you are encountering. We will try our best to send down a technician as soon as we can to service your forklifts immediately!