Forklift transmissions are an integral part of the forklift system and it enables the movement of the forklifts by connecting the engine to the wheels. While the transmission systems used to consist of two essential types, the manual transmission system and the automatic ones, modern forklift trucks now rely more on the automatic transmissions.

forklift transmission

Transmission System

The transmission system consist of a variety of components:

  • Planetary gear set
  • Torque converter
  • Computer sensors

Common Problems

Over time and extensive use, the forklift transmission may become problematic. They may either need to be repaired or replaced. There are various indicators which you can look out for:

  • For manual transmissions, when the gear stick is stuck or is “sticky”, some of the common causes include low levels of transmission fluids, weak clutch linkage or the use of the wrong type of transmission fluid.
  • When there is a burning smell in the transmission, if it mean that the transmission is overheating or the transmission fluid is deficient, leaking or dirty and requires changing.
  • If there is a lot of noise coming from the transmission, it could mean that the mechanical parts are worn out and require replacement or repair.

At certain times, when the transmission problem is more serious, you will need a professional mechanic to provide some assistance.

Transmission Servicing

At Singapore Forklifts, we provide servicing for a variety of different brands of forklifts. no matter whether you require complete overhaul or a simple replacement, Singapore Forklifts will have the necessary parts to do so.

With our team of experience and trained forklift repair crew, you can be sure that you will receive top quality service for your forklift.

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