At Singapore Forklift, we aim to provide a hassle-free, cost-saving experience for your company and your needs. We provide rental and sales of forklift trucks and many other forklifts and related equipment, to meet your needs and requirements for your needs. Our objective is simple, to be a one-stop, renowned company that thrives on exceptional service and competence to keep you, our clients, coming back for more.

Different Power Sources

Our forklift trucks are powered on different power sources, namely diesel, gasoline and electric power. Each power source presents with different advantages and disadvantages of use, and your ideal power source will depend on your needs.

Benefits of our Forklfit Truck Rental Services

  • Flexible

    Instead of investing in a forklift truck and incurring additional maintenance and forklift-related costs, we save you costs by providing one-off rental solutions at very affordable rates. Our forklift truck rentals can go by hourly, daily and even monthly depending on your needs, and we are more than happy to create a personalised rental schedule for you should you need it.

  • Well-Maintained

    Our forklift trucks are regularly maintained, and no repairs are left neglected once reported. We want to make sure that all our forklift trucks are in excellent condition before we rent it out to you, so as to ensure a smooth process when you use our trucks.

Make an appointment with us to view our forklifts so that you can better understand how it can help you!