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Forklift Tyres come in various colours and sizes, depending on the model and size of your forklift trucks. At Singapore Forklift, we provide a one-stop solution for your forklift tyre needs, by having a large inventory of forklift tyre types for your needs.

Types Of Forklift Tyres

The cushion forklift tyres are made from smooth rubber that is then fitted around a metal band.

However, the cushion tires are only suitable for use on smooth pavements and warehouses with concrete flooring. These range of tires are also commonly found on electric forklifts.

The turning radius of the cushion tires are also smaller and that is one of the main reasons why they are preferred choice for warehouses and distribution centres.

Solid tyres are one of the most common types of forklift tires.

They are almost the same as pneumatic tires. The only difference is that they are not filled with air and therefore do not provide the same cushioning effect.

The solid tires do not puncture or go flat and are extremely durable and long lasting.

The are great for indoor and light outdoor use but definitely not suitable for rough terrains and uneven surfaces.

Similar to truck tyres, the pneumatic tires and filled with air, thick, deep treads and are made of strong durable rubber.

This helps to extend the running life of the tires and reduce wear and tear.

In addition, the air also provides a cushioning effect between the forklift and the ground and hence the tyres as suitable for use on rough surfaces or uneven ground.

Benefits and Advantages

Huge Variety

At Singapore Forklift, we have a large inventory of various types of forklift tyres, for different models of forklift trucks. Some examples include:

  • Marking and non-marking tyre designs
  • Different brands of tyres from the various manufacturers
  • Tyres for special applications for example cold rooms or anti-static applications

High Quality

Tyres form the contact between the forklift truck and the ground, and poor quality of the tyres will affect the stability of the forklift itself. This can lead to disastrous consequences such as damage to your cargo or spills that are hard to clean up. At Singapore Forklifts, we understand this and provide nothing but the top materials for making our forklift tyres.

Singapore Forklifts

At Singapore Forklift, we understand the needs of our clients and what they really require for their business. By providing the best quality service, we ensure that our clients get value for their money as well as good after sales repair and maintenance services. It is this way of doing business that keeps our clients coming back.

Contact us to get a quotation from us or speak to any of our consultants if you are unsure of what tyres are suitable for your model of forklift.