Singapore Forklifts has a team of mobile forklift repair technicians that are ready to travel to your site to provide on the spot troubleshooting advice as well as service and repair your forklifts immediately whenever possible.

With our quick and efficient mobile forklift repair team, we hope to get your forklift up in the quickest possible time so that there is minimal downtime and lesser disruption to your business operations.

Need immediate help with your forklift? Just give our customer service a call and we will arrange for your technicians to take a look at your forklift.

Service Features

Fast Response Time

Singapore Forklifts understands that when your forklift is down, you are sacrificing your profits. Thus we try our best to attend to your problems on the same day they are reported.

After Hours Service

We understand that logistic operations carry on even after normal working hours and sometimes that is even the peak period. So it is even more important that your equipment if functioning properly. That is why we also provide after hours forklifts for emergency cases.

Affordable Rates

Not only do we provide one of the most competitive prices for replacement parts, our servicing charges are extremely affordable as well. That is why we work with many companies to provide regular maintenance and servicing for their forklifts.

Trained Mechanics

Our technicians are all well-trained and experienced with forklift repairs and can handle or types and brands of different forklift equipment. They have extensive knowledge on LPG, diesel and electric forklifts and will do their best to get your equipment running on the very same day.

Singapore Forklifts

Singapore Forklifts has been in the forklift and logistics industry for a number of years and we have grown to become a trusted and reliable brand. We believe in providing top quality service to our customers and that is why they continue to work with us.

Get an immediate response now from our staff and we will let you know what is the soonest our technicians can head over to your place!