Over here at Singapore Forklift, we have a variety of brand new forklifts for sale. We have a wide selection of models from a wide selection of brands, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hyster, Nissan and Manitou just to name a few.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves at offering them at the best rates in towns, as our long-term experience in the forklift industry has enabled us to scout for cheap bulk purchases as a distributor.

Types of Forklifts

There are three main types of power source and each type has their own pros and cons. The list below includes just a few of these comparisons.

  • Electrical – Lower maintenance cost but high initial startup
  • Diesel – Low fuel cost but suitable only for outdoor use
  • Gasoline – Low initial cost but high fuel cost

Why choose from Us?

  • Wide Range of Brands

    At Singapore Forklift, we stock up on the best brands such as Mitsubishi, Hyster, Manitou and Komatsu, all of which are leading market players in the forklift industry, with an established reputation built upon quality. You will have no worries about reliability when purchasing your brand new forklift trucks from us at Singapore Forklift.

  • Superior After-Sales Support

    The brands we bring in have established local branches to provide adequate service support for their after sales segment. This ensures that their present users enjoy minimized downtime for their forklifts, and hence little disruption to their daily operations.

  • Competitive Prices

    Being one of the largest forklifts providers in Singapore, we are able to provide competitive prices for most of the forklifts.

Alternative Options

If the new forklifts trucks for sale are not within your budget, you can also try our rental options. With our range of forklift trucks available, you will definitely be able to find something to meet your needs.

Singapore Forklift is a one stop solution for all your material handling needs. Contact us today!