Nissan is known worldwide to be the automotive giant from Japan. Bringing across their expertise into forklifts as well, Nissan forklifts has been partnering with key strategic business partners in the logistics solutions business to improve their forklifts. This has resulted in their forklifts being highly durable and adaptable, with global recognition for their products.

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Why choose Nissan Forklifts?

Adaptive and Customizable

Not only does Nissan provide a wide range of forklifts for your choices based on lifting height and weight capacities, they also provide a range of masts and attachments for your forklift trucks. Thus, this allows Singapore Forklift to fully customize for our customers and optimize it for your operations with the required accessories.

Affordable and Reliable

Nissan forklifts for sale have time and time again shown to be as reliable and durable brand. Similar to forklifts from Toyota or Hyster, they are know for their quality. At the same time, their prices are often times noticeably cheaper than their competitors. This makes them more value for money and thus more cost-efffective.


Refurbished Nissan forklifts (RNFs) have gain recognition within the market for exhibiting excellent characteristics compared to a brand new Nissan forklifts. This shows that firstly, Nissan’s forklifts are reliable and durable, and require only touch-ups to perform like brand new again. Secondly, it provides a very attractive second-hand market for forklifts. Many of our customers have taken up purchasing a second hand Nissan forklift, which proved to be satisfactory.

Singapore Forklifts

Here at Singapore Forklift, we understand the long and short term needs of our clients, as well as the budgets they have. We provide not only the best brands, but also electric pallet jacks and rental services as well. We are committed to the quality of our products in all the segments we operate for our clients, and will not hesitate to provide the after-sales service required if needed.

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