Old Forklifts, or second hand forklifts, are used forklifts which could still provide the edge you need in your business, while allowing you to control your costs at the same time. This is especially true since some forklifts require a higher initial investment. With our used options, you no longer need to worry about this problem!

Types of Equipment

Depending on the power and functions required by the forklift, there are a variety of power sources that you can choose from.

Each of these power source has its advantages and disadvantages. Speak to our consultants to find out more about the differences and which is more suitable for you.

Benefits of Used Forklifts

  • Lower Costs

    Buying an old forklift ensures lower costs for your operations as some of these forklifts require higher initial investments. As compared to a brand new forklifts, second hand forklifts may look older but stand their ground just as well. That is the main reason why many of our clients do consider buying a second hand forklift.

  • Comparable Performance

    At Singapore Forklift, we ensure that our second hand forklifts are still in tip top working condition. We have our own team of mechanics and engineers who maintain and service the forklifts. This ensures that our clients achieve maximum value for their purchases.

Singapore Forklifts

At Singapore Forklift, we provide a variety of forklifts for our clients to choose from. If you do not wish to set aside such a large capital investment, you can also check out our leasing and rental options. We guarantee you will find what you need here for your business, which matches your cost profile and operational requirements.

Give us a call today to make a purchase or book an appointment! Our consultants are available round the clock to meet your every needs.