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Singapore Forklifts has a diverse range of reach trucks for sale which are designed for achieving greater heights when lifting. The name “reach” refers to the ability to extend its forks for easy racking. This makes them ideal for warehouse operations, where they are proficient in stock management and working in tight spaces.

With the ability to work in tight spaces, the electric stackers allow companies to maximize their warehouse space because the racks and shelves can be placed closer together.

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Ideal for Warehouse operations

    Reach forklifts are designed for racking and warehouse operations. It is able to efficiently lift a load to high places, and extend out its forks beyond its stabilizing legs to fit into elevated compartments in high racks. This makes it a great machine to have for effective stock management and storage purposes.

  • Great Maneuverability

    Singapore Forklift’s reach forklifts for sale are highly maneuverable. This enables great flexibility in working in confined spaces such as warehouses and indoor storage environments.

Types Of Reach Trucks

The reach trucks for sale in Singapore  are mainly electrical because they are more suited for indoor use in warehouses. Aside from the fuel type, there are actually other factors which differentiate the reach trucks.

The most basic model of reach trucks are the stand-up reach trucks. They are designed with the simple function of being able to slide their forks directly underneath pallets and transport them to your desired location and then easily unloading them.

A double-reach truck, also known as the double-deep reach truck operates exactly the same as the stand-up reach truck. The only difference is that the double-reach trucks have telescopic forks that can extend long enough to load and unload two pallets on a single track each time.

Straddle reach trucks are not only able to slide underneath the pallets, they can also grab onto the sides of the pallets essentially straddling it.

Brands of Forklifts

We work with a wide range of brands to provide our customers with quality equipment. From Toyota forklifts to Mitsubishi forklifts, you can find them here at good prices.

Below are just some of the brands of forklifts we carry.


Singapore Forklifts

At Singapore Forklift, we strive to understand what works best for each and every one of our clients. Reach forklifts provide a perfect solution to your logistic segments of your business, and we do our best to provide the most versatile of them all.

Whether you are looking for a brand new reach truck or a properly refurbished and renewed 2nd hand forklifts, we have a range of forklifts that can definitely suit your needs.

We have some of the best forklift rental prices in Singapore and we also provide superb after-sales services.

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