Orange reach truck

Mainly used in warehouses and storage spaces, the reach truck rental services are used mainly in narrow aisles to stack logistical items on non-rough surfaces.

Singapore Forklifts is a well-renowned local forklift company that specializes in reach truck rental, repair and sales. We are a very versatile company that aims to meet your forklift needs to the best of our abilities, and we bring in a very wide selection of forklifts, as well as their related parts and accessories.

Some of the brands that we carry include the Toyota reach trucks and also the Mitsubishi reach trucks. We are able to offer our reach forklift rentals at extremely affordable prices.

Require a reach truck rental service for your warehouse? Just drop us an email with your requirements and our product specialist will get in touch with you.

Benefits Of Reach Trucks

The reach truck forklift refers to the ability of the fork carriage to ‘reach’ out past the legs and into the racking. This designs give the reach truck certain unique advantages over counter-balance forklifts.

In addition, the smaller turning radius of the reach trucks allows for easier movement within the narrow aisles and tight spaces of warehouses. This provides an additional benefit to companies because they are able to maximize the space of their warehouses by having narrower aisles and more rows of products.

The reach trucks are designed specifically to work in small spaces and narrow aisles in warehouses. This is because the reach trucks have the ability to pull the load back to itself so that the pallet do not protrude as much when compared to a counter-balance forklift.

Features of Reach Forklifts

  • Smooth Hydraulic System

    The hydraulic control system incorporated into the reach forklift is usually AC-powered/fuel-powered, and allows for a very versatile set of movements at different power and speed, allowing for smooth and efficient operation of the forklift.

  • Strong Mast for Lifting

    Reach forklifts have a mast attached that is used to place your storage and logistical items. They are generally very strong, made of durable metal to support heavy loads. They can be lifted easily in a vertical and horizontal manner by the hydraulic system for storage within warehouses/factories.

  • Single/Double Reach

    Most companies offer single or double reach forklifts, and which one you will need really depends on your logistical requirements. Generally, the main difference is that double reach forklifts have two masts, while the single one only has one. Therefore, double reach forklifts afford for increased lifting capacity and load.

Types Of Reach Trucks

The stand-up reach trucks are the simplest models of reach trucks.  The forks are designed such that they can slide directly underneath pallets and transported to a new location to be unloaded easily.

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

Wide Variety

We believe in doing our utmost best in meeting the diversified needs of our customers. We bring in reach forklifts of different sizes, mast load capacities and quality to match your logistical needs and company budget. From Toyota to Yale, electric forklifts to diesel forklifts, we import a wide range of different types of forklifts and brands.


Here at Singapore Forklifts, our reach forklifts are very well-maintained such that little defects are seen when you rent from us. We conduct an inspection every time we get back our forklifts, and ensure that all are repaired before we let it be rented out again. This is to minimise any effect it has on your productivity.

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