Rough Terrain Forklifts are ideal for outdoor operations such as logging, construction and the metal industries. They are frequently used for carrying logs of wood, metals, cement and concrete and so forth.

Benefits and Advantages

Improved Performance

For outdoor operations, a normal electric-run forklift just won’t provide the performance and power you require. Hence at Singapore Forklift, we provide rough terrain forklifts for sale that are run by internal combustion engines. This allows your rough terrain forklifts to drive long distances, and also provides the power required for much greater lifting capacities for your work.

Durable Tyres

The rough terrain forklifts are armed with the strongest industrial-strength tyres with thick threads. This allows them to gain good traction across any rough terrain, making them ideal for your operations outdoors. Especially across muddy construction sites, the rough terrain forklifts will traverse through them with ease, hence transporting your cargo safely and efficiently.

Reliable and Versatile

Th rough terrain forklifts we have available come in a wide range of weight and lift height capacities. In addition, they are highly durable and made to withstand the harsh outdoor work environments. This makes them very reliable and sturdy.

Singapore Forklifts

At Singapore Forklift, we understand the need for the safe and efficient transport of your cargo and materials from one point to another. With our rough terrain forklifts, such troubles will be no more. No matter how heavy or high you need to bring your cargo, our rough terrain forklifts will rise to the occasion to provide you the service you need. If you feel that the initial investment to purchase a rough terrain forklift is too high, you can also consider our rough terrain rental options.

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