TCM is an American company which provides manufactured forklifts, and has earned a reputation for maintaining a high reliability of its forklifts. Their forklift series ranges from electric pallet trucks, reach trucks as well as heavy duty forklifts.

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Why choose TCM?

  • High Reliability

    TCM forklifts have placed an emphasis on simplicity in their designs. This makes their forklifts effective and also requires less maintenance as their forklift designs are less complex. At Singapore Forklift, we understand this when we provide TCM forklifts for sale, as they do not spoil easily and hence generally have a lower downtime. This provides your logistics operations with greater stability.

  • Safety Guaranteed

    TCM forklifts places a large focus on safety and welfare for your forklift operators when designing their forklifts. Some safety and welfare keypoints are highlighted below:

    1. Mechanical Safeguards
    2. Human Error Safeguards
    3. Maximum Visibility for Forklift Operators
    4. Supportive Seats for Comfort
    5. Quiet Engines for Comfort

    By producing safe and comfortable-to-use forklifts, TCM ensures a consistent productivity level of your forklift operators.

Singapore Forklifts

The values of TCM forklifts align well with that of Singapore Forklift, which is to provide safety and welfare for your forklift operators, while ensuring reliable performance of your forklifts. Hence, we are proud to offer TCM forklifts for sale. With one of these forklifts, you can be assured your operations receive minimal setbacks and disruptions with their high reliability and employee safety-focused designs.

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