Singapore Forklifts is a well-established forklift company specializing in the sale and rental of forklifts. We provide a wide range of forklifts, ranging from simple industrial ones like pallet trucks, to more complex, specific ones like telescopic forklifts. In particular, our telescopic forklifts rentals are highly in-demand due to its specific function, and we provide a very comprehensive rental service for telescopic forklifts for our customers.

Features of Telescopic Forklifts

  • Telescopic Boom Extension

    Telescopic forklifts are attached with a telescopic boom that is can be extended out from the forklift attachment. The length of extension is variable and can be controlled by the driver. This makes it an ideal forklift for logistical/industrial tasks that require height.

  • Universal Hook

    At the end of each telescopic boom is a hook that allows you to attach virtually any attachment based on your needs. This could be buckets, pallet forks or even masts. This technically makes the telescopic forklift a very diverse forklift that can be used from virtually any industrial job just by switching the end attachment.

  • Different Power Sources

    Telescopic forklifts are powered by various energy sources, mainly diesel and LPG. With the recent switch to sustainable energy sources, CNG and electric energy have been more commonly used as an energy source. Each energy sources has its own set of pros and cons that come with use.

Why Rent from Us?

Flexible Packages

We have in place a very flexible and comprehensive rental scheme for our telescopic forklifts. Considering the many different needs of your, our clients when it comes to rental, we allow you to propose your rental needs so that we can create the best rental scheme for you, at very affordable prices.


All our telescopic forklifts are made to undergo very stringent inspection and repairs upon purchasing, and the same thing is done before and after a rental deal is made. This is to ensure that our forklifts are kept in tip-top condition, so that you maximise productivity and have minimal disruption to your tasks.

Large Variety

We offer a very wide range of telescopic forklifts, all with different height-extension capabilities, as well as load capacities. We also offer you the option of choosing the power source of the telescopic forklift that you want to rent.

Give us a call today! Our friendly consultants are happy to serve your every need.