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Singapore Forklifts has established itself as a renowned local forklift company that specialises in meeting your forklift needs. We sell and rent out a wide range of forklift brands, such as Toyota, Yale, Komatsu and Hyster. Our Toyota forklifts are one of the most highly-demanded forklifts both in terms of sales and rental, and this speaks volumes about their reputation of manufacturing one of the best forklifts in the world. We are a proud supplier and rental provider of these forklifts, and we have in place flexible rental schemes for our various Toyota forklifts.

Types of Toyota Forklifts offered

Powered by LPG or diesel, internal combustion trucks are used for typical industrial operations that demand logistical movement and storage.

These are all AC-powered forklifts that have the ability to lift loads and perform common industrial processes, all while relying on electrical power and reducing the carbon footprint.

The current 8-series reach trucks are AC-powered, and are used to stack pallets on non-rough surfaces. It has a mast that vertically and/or horizontally moves storage items. They are offered as a single- or double-reach truck depending on your logistical demand.

These are used to pick out orders. The operator stands on an extendable platform fixed tightly to the forklift. The platform is then lifted up with both the load and operator on it, allowing the operator to stock or take orders from the racks.

These tow both the load and the operator together on the forklift, and is ideal for jobs that require human labour. They are made out of steel and offer excellent protection and sturdiness.

Features of Toyota Forklifts

  • Different Power Sources

    Toyota is at the forefront of reducing the carbon footprint of their forklifts. They are the first to incorporate CNG use in their forklifts, and most of the forklifts they supply now are electrically-powered. This makes them the leader in energy conservation and research in sustainable forklifts.

  • Ergonomically-Designed

    All Toyota forklifts are designed with efficiency and comfort in mind. The driver’s compartment is designed to give the driver comfort and convenience of operating the forklift. The ergonomic design of all of Toyota’s forklifts make it such a safe and efficient machine to use.

  • Durable

    A special System of Active Stability (SAS) has been introduced recently into Toyota forklifts that improves stability of the forklift and extends battery life.

Why Rent from Us?

Flexible Packages

We aim to make your forklift rental process hassle-free, and we have in place a very flexible and affordable rental system to allow you to personalise your rental plan. This saves you the trouble, and also allows you to maximise your money and time, specific to the time-frame that you require the forklift.


All our forklifts are constantly made to undergo repairs and maintenance, to keep it in tip-top condition for your benefit. We want to make sure that you maximise your productivity when you use our forklifts.

Contact us today to book an appointment, make a reservation or finalize a purchase! Our help-desk will also address any questions you might have.