Singapore Forklifts is a leading forklift company that specialises in providing forklifts and accessories for your needs. We aim to provide top-notch service standards and forklift quality to maximise customer satisfaction. We sell both brand-new and used forklift forks for sale at very affordable prices, which is what keeps our customer coming back.

Types of Forklift Forks

Standard Taper Fork

This is a standard fork, and is conic in shape and ends of with a very thin tip. No bevel is available on the tip. It is mainly used for general logistical purposes, such as loading and lifting of standard cardboard, wood and other logistical items.

Full Taper and Top Polished Fork

Both of these forks are similar in function, and serve mainly to slide plywood, drywall and cardboard boxes underneath the fork. A standard industrial hook is fitted to the fork which allows you to connect the fork to your forklift. These forks also have a top or bottom bevel at the tip, to allow easier ‘scooping’ of logistical item onto the fork. These are higher quality forks compared to the standard ones, and can tolerate greater weights and are more diverse.

Special Forks

Specialised forks are also available for specific needs. These include lumber forks, block forks, brick forks, and shaft mount forks. All these serve their own specific function and are available.

Why Buy From Us?

Wide Range

We provide a very wide range of forklift forks to suit every customer’s requirements. The forks are also classified based on classes I, II and III (Class IV is a special class that you can request for based on availability). Each class is needed for specific types and sizes of your forklifts, and all these are available for you. We want to ensure that virtually all our customers’ needs are met, which is why we bring in and outsource so many different used forklift forks for you.

High Quality

A majority of all our forklift forks are made from stainless steel, keeping your forklift forks rust-free and with high strength tolerance, increasing productivity of your work.


After repairs are done on our second-hand forklift forks, they are well-maintained and kept to ensure that they maintain their top-notch quality. We want to make sure that used forklift forks that you purchase from us work well, and so we make it a point to maintain it constantly.

Contact us today to find out more about our used forklift forks for sale! Our consultants will be happy to address any of our enquiries.