Singapore Forklifts is at the forefront of supplying used and brand-new forklifts and forklift accessories in Singapore. We have been in the business long enough to know what your needs are, and we aim to provide service excellence and top-notch product quality to keep you satisfied.

We provide a wide range of forklifts, from Toyota forklifts, to Komatsu forklifts. In particular, our Komatsu forklifts are one of the more popular brands in the market, and we sell used ones at very competitive prices.

Features of Komatsu Forklifts

Unique Centre Drive System

Huge loads and high heights may lead to a common problem in forklifts: instability. Komatsu has designed a special centre drive system that stabilises the forklift very well, reducing the sway of the load, and thus the chances of it toppling. It also means better manoeuvrability for the forklift.


Komatsu is at the forefront of ensuring that our forklifts have a reduced carbon footprint. We offer electric forklifts and our new HST-driven forklifts to promote a reduced fuel usage, and thus an environmentally-friendlier forklift.

Types Available

4 Wheel / 3 Wheel

These small electric trucks are used to lift logistical items vertically and forward. They are designed to work in narrow spaces and are play a similar useful role as engine-powered trucks because of their high lift capacity. 3-Wheel trucks have a smaller turning radius compared to 4-Wheel trucks.

Reach Trucks

This are important trucks that are essential in areas that require height. Komatsu’s reach trucks feature a high lifting capacity, a stable travel capability and a stable base to ensure that the reach trucks fulfil its function. Available as electric or fuel-powered

Internal Combustion Trucks

These are powered by diesel or LPG, and being powered by fuel, it usually features a greater lifting capacity and performance. Komatsu’s in-built system ensure maximum productivity for internal combustion trucks, to minimise its carbon footprint while maximising work output.

Hst-Driven Lift Trucks

These are hydro-static transmission trucks that are driven by hydrostatic power. They are equipped with an ‘Electronically-controlled HST’ and ‘Variable displacement pump with CLSS’. These minimises use of fuel, and are used for lifting logistical items vertically and forward.

Container Trucks

These are large-scale forklifts that serve mainly to lift and move most types of containers. These forklifts feature two special types of fork equipment: A separate type that moves the forks separately, and the combined type that moves both forks simultaneously.

Singapore Forklifts

Because we have our own team of engineers and mechanics to supervise the maintenance of our used forklifts for sale, we can ensure the quality and reliability of these material handling equipment. They will also be available for to provide our customers with superb after-sales support when they require it.

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