Used Reach Truck for Sale

What are Reach Trucks Used For?

For companies that deal with large quantities of products, having sufficient storage space is always a primary concern.

To maximise the usage of available area, pallets and goods are usually placed closely and even stacked on top of one another. This creates narrow aisles between the pallets, sometimes making it difficult to access them with conventional forklifts.

In this scenario, a reach truck would be needed as it is designed to navigate through narrow aisles in warehouses. They are simple and easy to operate.

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Features of a Reach Truck

To navigate the narrow aisles, reach trucks are designed to have the driver sit or stand sideways in the vehicle during operation. Not only does this reduce the turning radius and space required for the truck during usage, it provides additional protection for the operator.

The most significant feature of the reach truck is how the load is lifted and secured within the wheelbase, reducing the length of the load that is left protruding from the vehicle. This compact feature makes it easier to navigate narrow aisles as compared to regular forklifts.

While reach trucks generally operate best on flat surfaces due to the low ground clearance of the machinery, they can be fitted with larger wheels to improve their movement over different surfaces.

Benefits of Buying Used Reach Trucks

Compared to brand new forklifts, our refurbished units are much more affordable and perform just as well. On the other hand, if you require a forklift for an extended period, purchasing a refurbished unit is more cost effective compared to renting.

When you purchase a renewed forklift from us, you do not have to worry. All our used forklifts have been overhauled and carefully inspected by our skilled engineers who have many years of experience in this industry, before they are made available for sale.

All forklifts purchased from us come with warranty and after-sales care. If you face any difficulties or require any assistance in future, our help-desk will be there for you. Trainings and demonstrations will also be provided upon request!

Why Engage Singapore Forklifts?

Wide Range of Forklifts

Taking advantage of our established connections, we seek to provide high-quality reach trucks to our customers at competitive prices. With a wide variety of brands available, clients will be able to find the machinery that fits their requirements.

Quality Customer Service

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we aim to exceed industry standards on everything relating from the sales process to after-purchase services. Our sales consultants are committed to recommending you forklifts based on your budget and needs.

Post-Purchase Service

At Singapore Forklifts, we have experienced engineers and mechanics that are prepared to repair your forklifts. This allows us to resolve any mechanical issues that you may face, thus reducing potential downtimes.

If you are looking to purchase reliable machinery to carry pallets in your warehouses, consider using reach trucks to improve your company’s workflow. Contact us to find out more and get a quote today!