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Electric forklifts are a popular choice for lifting and moving heavy loads as they are easy to manoeuvre, operate quietly and are environmentally friendly. They can be used indoors for warehousing and outdoors for transportation of goods across uneven surfaces.

At Singapore Forklifts, we offer high-quality electric forklifts for sale and rental. This includes popular brands such as Toyota and Mitsubishi.

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Types of Electric Forklifts

3 wheel electric orange forklift

Image: Toyota Forklifts

3-Wheel Electric Forklift

Suitable for: Indoor use

The 3-wheel forklift provides increased mobility, allowing for much better cornering control and confidence in a tight warehouse environment. It comes in different sizes and can be adapted for all kinds of applications.

Mid Electric Toyota Forklift

Image: Toyota Forklifts

4-Wheel Electric Forklift

Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use

These 4-wheel vehicles, otherwise known as core electric forklifts, provide greater stability and can navigate inclines. They perform just as well as their diesel-powered counterparts and come in various sizes and with different attachments.

Stand up rider forklift

Image: Toyota Forklifts

Stand Up Rider Electric Forklift

Suitable for: Indoor use

This is one of the most versatile forklifts and is ideal for warehouse use. As its name suggests, operators are required to stand while operating the forklift.

This vehicle has a slim profile that allows for quick and easy navigation between narrow aisles. It also has a better field of view, even when reversing.

Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Image: Toyota Forklifts

Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use

This type of forklift allows for both indoor and outdoor usage. When used outdoors, this forklift operates similarly to an all-terrain or diesel-powered forklift. Yet, they are more cost-efficient than diesel-powered units as they do not require refuelling or changing of oils.

High capacity electric forklift

Image: Toyota Forklifts

High Capacity Electric Forklift

Suitable for: Indoor use

If you prefer an electric forklift but require a vehicle that allows for extremely heavy lifting, these high capacity forklifts are the ideal choice for you. They are able to lift up to 18,150kg worth of loads and are highly versatile. Additionally, they offer superior manoeuvrability and visibility.

Benefits of Electric Forklifts

  • Easy to Manoeuvre

    Electric forklifts are easy to manoeuvre and can perform very tight turns in confined spaces. Additionally, they are adaptable for many different types of applications.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Electric forklifts operate on powerful traction batteries. Therefore, they do not emit any exhaust gas, reducing air pollution.

  • Cost Advantages

    Despite the high initial costs of the batteries and charging stations, electrical forklifts last longer than diesel-powered ones. Hence, they are more cost-efficient.

  • Easier Maintenance

    Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts and they wear out more slowly as well. Thus, mechanical repairs are less frequent. In addition, this type of forklift does not use coolants or transmission fluids. Hence, constant replacement or change of fluids is not required.

  • Silent and Comfortable

    These forklifts are often preferred for indoor use due to their low noise levels. Moreover, they produce fewer vibrations as compared to diesel-powered units, delivering a more comfortable and safe operation.

Brands of Forklifts We Carry

  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hyster
  • Yale
  • Komatsu
  • Manitou
  • Nissan
  • TCM

Choosing An Electric Forklift

If you require an electric forklift for indoor use, a 3-wheel or stand up rider will be suitable as they are able to operate in tight environments. However, if you need to move heavy loads indoors, a high capacity forklift may be recommended.

On the other hand, due to their superior stability, 4-wheel and electric pneumatic forklifts may be preferred for outdoor applications where there are uneven surfaces.

If you are unsure of the type of electric forklift your business needs, get in touch with our product consultants for their recommendations!

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

Excellent Service Life

Our electric forklifts are equipped with high storage capacity batteries that can provide a longer service life. They can operate for more than 8 hours and have high energy efficiency and minimum downtime.

Wide Range of Forklifts

We carry a wide range of electric forklifts with varying capacities and sizes to suit all your business needs. This includes units from renowned brands such as Toyota.

Regular Maintenance

For your safety, our electric forklifts offered for rental undergo professional maintenance and inspection to ensure that they are in tip-top condition at all times.

Our product consultants are experienced and can assist you with any enquiries you may have. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric forklifts are used for transporting loads over distances. They are versatile and can be used in various applications including warehousing, construction and industrial use.

Yes, some electric forklifts can operate in the rain. To determine whether a unit can be used in wet weather, you can refer to the International Protection (IP) code. A forklift with an IP code of IPX4 and above is capable of operating in the rain.

Alternatively, you can enquire with one of our product specialists for more details.

The cost of purchasing an electric forklift will depend on various factors such as its brand and model. If you are looking to rent a unit instead of purchasing one, the rental duration will also be taken into account.

For an accurate quotation, speak to one of our product consultants today!