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Reach trucks are a type of forklift commonly used in warehouses and storage spaces. They are designed to manoeuvre through narrow aisles and are used for stacking items at heights.

Singapore Forklifts is a well-renowned equipment sale, rental and repair company in Singapore. We carry a wide range of reach trucks to meet all your business needs.

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Features of a Reach Truck

  • Smooth Hydraulic System

    The hydraulic control system of a reach truck is usually powered by batteries or fuel. This system allows for a very versatile set of movements at different powers and speeds, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the machine.

  • Strong Mast for Lifting

    The mast that is attached to a reach truck is used to lift products and logistical items vertically and horizontally. They are strong and often made of durable metal to support heavy loads.

Types Of Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are typically available as ‘sit-down’ or ‘stand-up’ trucks.

  • Sit-down trucks: Driver sits down sideways
  • Stand-up trucks: Driver is standing

These are some common types of reach trucks:

Pantograph Reach Trucks

These trucks are equipped with a scissor design mechanism that allows the driver to stack pallets by moving them upwards and forward. As these machines are to be driven close to the rack for loading, the rack should not have bars at the bottom and pallets should be placed on the floor.

Moving Mast Reach Truck

As their name suggests, moving mast reach trucks have masts that can be moved forward to load goods. These machines have a greater ground clearance due to their wheels that have a larger diameter. Thus, they are more versatile and can be used at docks as well.

Double-reach Truck

Double-reach trucks, otherwise known as double-deep reach trucks, are equipped with telescopic forks. These forks are long enough to retrieve and unload goods two pallets deep within a single rack.

Reach Straddle Truck

This machine is a unique type of reach truck that is able to slide under pallets and grab onto the sides of the pallet. To use this reach truck effectively, stacks of pallets should be placed some distance apart.

Models of Reach Trucks We Carry

At Singapore Forklifts, we carry a wide range of reach truck models for sale and rental. Among these is the Toyota 7FBR, one of the most popular reach trucks among our clients.

Toyota 7FBR

Toyota 7FBR

The Toyota 7FBR is designed to operate in narrow areas and allows for the precise handling of goods. This machine is suitable for travelling on wet surfaces and operates more quietly thanks to its easy-down system.


  • Multi-function lever
  • Low floor height
  • Small diameter steering wheel
  • Traction control
  • Stable suspension control
  • Waist support
Operator positionStand-up
Load capacity1000kg – 3000kg
Lift height3000mm

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Benefits Of Reach Trucks

  • Increased Manoeuvrability

    The compact design of reach trucks allows drivers to navigate through small spaces and narrow aisles. This provides greater accessibility to goods as compared to a typical forklift.

  • Maximise Warehouse Space

    As reach trucks are suitable for manoeuvring through tight spaces, businesses can design their warehouses with narrower aisles without the concern of accessibility. Therefore, they can store more goods and maximise space.

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

Wide Variety of Reach Trucks

We believe in doing our utmost best to meet the diversified needs of our customers. Hence, we carry reach trucks of different sizes, brands and mast load capacities to match your logistical needs and budget.

Well-maintained Machinery

Your safety and productivity is our priority. Thus, we ensure that all our reach trucks are well-maintained. They are inspected once returned and repaired before they are rented out again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reach trucks are smaller and more compact than forklifts. Thus, they can navigate through tight spaces easily and are ideal for warehouses with narrow aisles.

The cost of renting a reach truck is dependent on the brand, model and duration of rental. Send us your enquiries now!

No, our reach truck rental services do not include a driver.

Yes, we provide professional reach truck repair services at Singapore Forklifts. Contact us for a quote today!