At Singapore Forklift, we pride ourselves on being a well-established company that provide a wide range of forklifts and forklift accessories. In particular, our Yale forklifts for sale are quite a popular choice amongst our customers, testimony to the company’s constant pursuit for improvement and excellence.

Choosing Yale

Yale is one of the oldest original manufacturers of forklifts in the world. Throughout their years of experience they have designed numerous quality and reliable material handling equipment. Even with such a history, they still continuously aim to improve their designs and assist customers to the best of their ability.

Types of Forklifts available

These are designed to rack pellets on non-rough surfaces. Yale reach trucks are very versatile and are available in single and double reach models.

Yale electric order selectors are smart, versatile machines that are designed with maximum productivity, reducing the human labour and minimising error in order picking. The operator will stand on-top of the elevating floor with the fork and load, and will be vertically lifted together with the load.

These are used in high-density warehouses with aisles from 1650mm. They allow increased racking within the warehouse, which equates to a higher number of stock keeping units (SKUs) within the warehouse.

There are used to move and vertically elevate pallets from one point to another. The forks will be separated from the front wheels when activated, so that it vertically lifts the load forcefully. The ergonomic design of Yale pallet trucks means increased productivity for your operations.

These tractors are special in that it tows both the load and the driver together on the forklift, and is used mainly for jobs that require the manpower of the driver himself.

Why buy from Us?

  • Well-Maintained

    We outsource used forklifts and obtain them from various sources. All our recently purchased Yale forklifts will be made to undergo a series of inspections for damages, and repair will be done to make it as good as new. This ensures that when you purchase a Yale forklift from us, it is in tip-top condition and this will minimise the need for constant maintenance.

  • New iSi Technology

    Yale’s iSi technology fits a common control system across the warehouse product line. This is a technology that uses similar software across the main warehouses to standardise the system used by your colleague within the warehouse. This streamlines the processes within the warehouse and maximises productivity.

  • Wide Range

    In line with wanting to meet every need of our customer, we bring in virtually every type of Yale forklift to meet your operational requirements to the best of our ability. This is to maximise customer satisfaction and keep you, our customers coming back.

Contact us to purchase a Yale forklift today! We will also be more than happy to address any other inquiries that you might have.