The Hyster Company is an American company specializing in manufacturing forklifts and other equipment. Their forklifts are distributed in many major continents such as the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, as well as the Middle-East.

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Why choose Hyster?

Hyster is not only one of the world’s top forklift manufacturing companies, it is also one of the oldest and hence most experienced. Not only are Hyster’s forklifts quality-assured, it has been time-tested by many companies, big and small, to be robust and productive, offering excellent return on investment for clients.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Robust and Durable

    The Hyster Brand is synonymous with robustness and durability. Their forklifts are designed to weather the harsh industrial environments and the outdoor environments your company operates in. They do not spoil easily and require minimal maintenance in order to upkeep a high level of performance, hence saving our client’s time costs and maintenance costs.

  • Large Network of After Sales Support

    Singapore Forklifts has a specialized team of engineers and mechanics that are ready to service your forklifts. This allows us to easily seek maintenance and technical support should we be unable to provide solutions to the problems you face, if ever a fault occurs. This provides our clients peace of mind, and that their problems can easily be solved with minimal time setbacks.

Singapore Forklifts

The Hyster Company has been around the forklift industry for decades since its founding in 1929. Its innovative products have proven to be of high quality, hence allowing the company to withstand the test of time. At Singapore Forklifts, we only choose the best forklifts from the best companies to sell, such that our clients can reap maximum value from their purchases. Contact us today to make a purchase or to find our more information.

We have a variety of Hyster forklifts for sale so let us know what is it you are looking for so that we can provide you an accurate quotation.