The Manitou Company came into existence in 1958 after the trademarking of its revolutionary MC5 Manitou Truck. Thereafter, it has grown to become a powerhouse in heavy equipment manufacturing, by consistently producing new and innovative products for the market. These include the first rotating forklift trucks and the first agriculture telehandlers. At Singapore Forklifts, we have a wide variety of Manitou forklifts for sale.

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Why choose Manitou?

Manitou forklifts are known for their durability and reliability. And because Manitou focuses on a wide variety of industrial equipment, it is able to provide an extensive range of attachments for the forklifts. By providing specific parameters, such as purpose, weight and height capacities, and even operating conditions, which are optimized for every operation, a client can maximize his value obtained. This leads to great efficiency and cost savings for clients, hence keeping them coming back for more.

Benefits and Advantages

Wide Variety

At Singapore Forklift, we house a wide variety of Manitou Forklifts. They come in a variety depending on our client’s needs, such as diesel, electric or oil-run forklifts, and also for different lifting capacity classifications. In this case, Manitou produces forklifts which have very specific lifting capacities, in smaller denominations lower than a ton. This will ensure that the machine you choose will be optimized for the cargo weight you work with.


At Singapore Forklift, we stock Manitou Forklifts specializing for both industrial and outdoor environments. This will provide a further choice for our clients to pick a forklift most suitable for their operations, hence providing more value to our customers.

Singapore Forklifts

Singapore Forklifts has a vast network of partnerships with various dealer and manufacturers. This allows us to provide a fair and accurate comparison between the forklifts and make the best recommendations to our clients. Aside from Manitou forklifts, we also have a range of Hyster forklifts for sale and Komatsu forklifts for sale as well.

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