• Pallet Jacks

Maximise your operational efficiency with our robust range of pallet jacks, tailored for the diverse needs of bustling warehouses and retail environments. 

A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, offers a cost-effective way to transport loads over short distances efficiently. This handy tool serves as a wheeled trolley, enabling workers to move equipment and products with minimal manual effort. It is ideally used in a variety of settings including factories, workshops, stockrooms, and job sites to move loads securely placed on pallets. 

Pallets, often made from wood, provide a stable foundation for goods, ensuring stability during lifting and transportation. By using a pallet jack, operational efficiency is significantly enhanced, making it an invaluable tool for boosting productivity in environments where goods need to be stacked and transported safely.

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Types of Pallet Jacks

Manual Pallet Jack

Suitable for: Narrow aisles or small spaces

Manual pallet jacks are compact equipment that can easily navigate through narrow aisles and spaces. They are equipped with a simple hydraulic jack and the fork is lifted by pumping the handle upwards and downwards.

Electric Walk-Behind

Suitable for: Loading docks

The electric walk-behind is a type of electric pallet jack. It is battery-operated and the operator is not required to manually pull the load or pump the handle. However, they will still be required to walk alongside the machine. The electric walk behind is suitable for loading docks and mid-distance moving.

Rider Pallet Jack

Suitable for: Large warehouses

Rider pallet jacks are similar to electric walk-behinds but have an additional platform for the operator to ride on. This machine is ideal for big warehouses where workers have to transport loads across large areas.

Models of Pallet Jacks We Carry

Total Lifter Pallet Jack

Total Lifter Pallet Jack in yellow

Total Lifter’s pallet jacks are manoeuvrable and equipped with strong, durable nylon or polyurethane wheels. They are available in both standard and narrow versions to suit different business needs.


  • Steel casted pump
  • Nylon/polyurethane wheels
Load capacity3000kg3000kg
Lifting height190mm190mm
Type of pumpStandardStandard
Machine length1620mm1550mm
Machine width685mm520mm

Cost of Pallet Jacks in Singapore

The cost of pallet jacks in Singapore can vary widely depending on the type and features of the jack you need. Whether you require a simple manual pallet jack for light operations or a more advanced electric model for heavier loads, prices can differ significantly. 

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How to Use a Pallet Jack?

If you need to move a heavy load that’s too much to carry by hand, a pallet jack is a great tool. First, make sure your load is well-packed and stable on a pallet, secured with straps or ropes. The pallet is designed with spaces to fit the jack’s forks. Slide the forks into these spaces under the pallet. Then, use the handle on the pallet jack to pump and lift the pallet just off the ground.

This way, you can move heavy items easily without lifting them yourself, which helps avoid injuries to your back, arms, and knees from carrying heavy weights.

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

Well-Maintained Machines

We pay special attention to ensuring our equipment are regularly inspected and serviced to perform at their best. They come fitted with additional safety components and are certified to provide customers with a peace of mind.

Skilled and Experienced

Having been in the industry for a long time, we understand that every business has different needs and requirements. We are happy and qualified to provide suitable solutions, expert advice and even training according to your operational needs.

Wide Variety of Forklifts

We have a wide variety of forklifts available for sale and rent, ranging from lightweight reach trucks to heavy-duty pallet trucks. Regardless of your requirements, you are sure to find something suitable for your needs.

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FAQs About Pallet Jacks

  • Load Capacity: Forklifts are larger and can handle bigger, heavier loads due to their robust design.
  • Load Movement: Forklifts can lift loads to high shelves and move them across different areas. Pallet jacks are designed to move loads horizontally on the ground.
  • Terrain: Some forklifts are built to operate on uneven ground, while pallet jacks work best on flat, smooth surfaces.

Both pallet jacks and pallet trucks offer similar functions. However, they do have certain differences:

  • Operation: Pallet jacks are manually operated by pushing or pulling, whereas pallet trucks are typically powered electrically.
  • Cost: Pallet jacks are generally less expensive than pallet trucks.
  • Maintenance: Pallet jacks are simpler to maintain and operate.
  • Capacity: Pallet trucks can usually lift heavier loads compared to manual pallet jacks.

It is advisable to push a pallet jack, especially when handling heavier loads, as this reduces physical strain and enhances control. While you can pull a pallet jack, pushing is generally safer and more ergonomic.