Over here at Singapore Forklifts, we have forklift batteries for sale and chargers at only the most affordable prices. We have an experienced team of engineers that are always ready to give you advice on the type of battery that best suit your demand. Lastly, we also provide maintenance and repair of forklift batteries at low cost.

Benefits and Advantages


Our forklift batteries have excellent life span and hence they can last longer. They also have high depth of discharge cycles, resulting in higher efficiency.

Excellent Performance

We provide forklift batteries that have excellent performance. Our batteries are highly efficient in energy conversion and have improved safety. Hence, with proper care and maintenance, our batteries can last longer and reduce expenses in the long run.

Why choose Us?


We offer a wide range of forklift batteries to meet your load demand. They come in a wide range of voltages and capacities and in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the most suitable one.

All-Rounded Service

Aside from batteries, we also carry an extensive selection of forklift accessories including forklift forks, masts and tyres. Hence, you can be sure to find a product that suits your needs at Singapore Forklifts.

Give us a call today! We will quote you our best prices as well as address any concerns you might have!