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Singapore Forklifts offers a wide selection of quality used forklifts for sale in Singapore. Our range includes everything from Toyota forklifts to forks and batteries, all at competitive prices. Before any forklift is sold, our skilled technicians inspect and refurbish it to ensure it’s in excellent condition and ready for any heavy lifting or moving tasks.

Seeking a reliable used forklift? Share your requirements with us and receive a personalised quote at the most competitive prices. Get in touch today to find the perfect forklift for your needs!

Types of Used Forklifts for Sale

3 Ton Toyota Diesel Forklift 

Model: 8FD30
Loading Capacity: 3000kg
Lift Height: 7m
Engine Type: Diesel
YOM: 2015

2.5 Ton Toyota Battery Forklift 

Model: 8FBN25
Loading Capacity: 2500kg
Lift Height: 4.7m
Engine Type: Electric / Battery
YOM: 2014

Toyota Battery Reach Truck

Loading Capacity: 900kg – 3000kg
Lift Height: 3m – 6m
Engine Type: Electric / Battery

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

Quality and Reliability

Our used forklifts are thoroughly inspected and regularly maintained to ensure top performance. This rigorous process guarantees that despite being pre-owned, each forklift meets our high standards of quality and reliability, ensuring consistent productivity without frequent maintenance.

Wide Selection of Used Forklifts

Catering to the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a broad range of used forklifts. From various motor types, including electric models, to different brands, we have the perfect forklift to match your specific requirements.

Cost-effective Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering competitively priced, high-quality used forklifts. Choosing our second-hand models provides significant savings over new units, making it an ideal choice for companies managing tighter budgets or those looking for efficient investment options.

Give us a call today and let us know which type/brand of forklift model you are looking for. Alternatively, we provide recommendations and live demonstrations!

FAQs About Used Forklifts for Sale

Due to the high cost of new forklifts, which can range from $15,000 to over $100,000 depending on their capacity, companies with limited budgets often opt for second-hand or rental forklifts. These options provide a more affordable solution while still meeting operational needs effectively.

When purchasing a used forklift, consider the following key points:

  • Maintenance Records: Check if the forklift has been regularly maintained and serviced.
  • Operating Hours: Evaluate the amount of use it has seen, similar to checking mileage on a car.
  • Condition: Inspect for any signs of damage or wear, especially on critical components like the mast and tires.
  • Capacity and Height: Ensure the forklift meets your specific load and height requirements.

These factors will help you choose a reliable used forklift that fits your operational needs and budget.