Singapore Forklifts has one of the largest range of used forklifts for sale in Singapore.

From used Toyota forklifts to used forklift forks and batteries, you can find the material handling equipment you need right here at the best prices.

Not only are the forklifts available at good prices, we have our own team of service staff to will check these forklifts and renew and refurbish them so that they are in tip-top condition and ready to carry out any heavy lifting or moving.

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Why Get A Used Forklift?

Buying a brand new forklift can be quite a hefty investment. Depending on the forklift capacity, forklift prices can range from $15,000 to over $100,000

This is why companies with tighter cash flow tend to prefer getting second-hand forklifts or even forklift rental services.

If the forklift was well-maintained and refurbished, it can normally perform the same functions as a brand new one.

Brands We Carry


Types of Forklifts available

Order Pickers

Order pickers, also known as stock pickers, allow the operator to stand, together with a load, on a vertically-extendable platform that is fixed on the forklift. The forklift can then be powered to lift both the operator and the load together, and is useful in stocking and storage jobs that require human labour.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are used primarily to lift and move pallets around a warehouse. They are also commonly known as stackers. As the jack is elevated, the forks on the forklift separate vertically and force the load upwards. Singapore Forklifts have a range of hand pallet trucks as well as electric pallet trucks available for sale.

Reach Trucks

These are also known as narrow-sale forklifts, and are made to rack pallets on non-smooth areas and floors. Some of the important factors to consider before purchasing a used reach truck include the maximum allowable floor loading capacity as well as the door height. This is because even without a load, the reach truck can easily reach 2 tonnes in order to increase its stability when its mast is fully extended. In addition, the doors need to be high enough so that the reach truck can fit through even when the mast is fully lowered. We have a range of brand new and used reach trucks for sale in Singapore.

Tow Trucks

These are special forklifts that tows both the load and the driver together, and is used primarily for jobs that require human labour to move the load.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA)

As the name implies, they are able to work through narrow aisles, and allows one to have more rack placements within the warehouse, and thus a greater stock count to save space and money. The versatile trucks can also be used on wire or rail guidance and offer excellent performance even in chilled environments.

Used Forklifts For Sale: What To Consider Before Getting One

How Quickly Do You Need It?

If you need the forklift urgently to meet project demands or to expand more quickly, getting a used forklift might be the way to go. This is because new forklifts often have a longer lead time.

Have You Inspected It?

No matter whether you are looking at a used reach truck or a used pallet jack, you need to carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that the forklift is functioning properly. It would be best to consult a trusted mechanic to do this for you.

What Kind Of Warranty Can You Get?

If you are purchasing the used forklift from a reputable and trustable forklift company, they are often able to provide a warranty to cover any issues that you may face after purchasing the forklift. If the dealer knows that there are issues with the forklift, they would definitely not provide this.

Why choose Singapore Forklifts?

  • Well-Maintained

    Despite being second-hand, you have our guarantee that our used forklifts are of great quality. This is because we make all the necessary repairs to our recently purchased used forklifts, and then maintain it regularly to keep it functional. This ensure you have consistent productivity in your work, without the need for constant maintenance and repair especially in the long-run.

  • Wide Range

    As you can see from above, we provide a very wide range of used forklifts for sale as we understand the diversity of our customers’ needs and want to be prepared for any request. From the various types of motors like used electric forklifts to even forklifts from the different brands of manufacturers, there is definitely one to meet your needs.

  • Competitive Prices

    We pride ourselves on providing one of the cheapest prices in town for our second-hand forklifts. In providing these competitive prices, we want to make sure that your needs are satisfied without burning a big hole in your wallet.

Give us  a call today and let us know which type/brand of forklift model you are looking for. Alternatively, we provide recommendations and live demonstrations!