telescopic forklifts at construction site

A telescopic handler is also called a telehandler, teleporter, reach forklift or boom lift. It is commonly used to move loads to and from heights that are typically unreachable by conventional forklifts.

Singapore Forklifts is at the forefront of supplying the highest-quality forklifts to suit your needs. We supply a wide range of forklifts, from conventional order pickers, to manual forklifts and simple electric forklifts. Our telescopic forklifts are one of our more popular options due to its specific role in manufacturing and construction.

In addition, we also have a wide variety of telescopic forklifts for both rental and for sale (second-hand and brand new). Need to get a quote for our telehandlers? Just drop us a message using the contact form on the side.

Telescopic Forklifts Features

Telescopic Boom for Extension

Each telescopic forklift is fitted with a single telescopic boom that can be extended forward and upwards manually. This makes it an excellent machine for use in areas that are inaccessible due to height issues, manufacturing or logistics purposes.

Additional Attachments

At the end of the telescopic boom is an attachment that allows you to attach anything, ranging from buckets to pallet forks, based on your needs. Specifically for the manufacturing industry, pallet forks are attached most of the time so as to move things to places that are hard to reach by normal industrial forklifts.

DIfferent Power Sources

Telescopic forklifts are powered on a variety of power sources. This includes diesel, electric and even Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Each power source presents with its own set of advantages and disadvantages of use, depending on your requirements.

Why Choose Singapore Forklifts?

  • Wide Variety

    At Singapore Forklifts, we provide a wide range of telescopic forklifts which are all capable of extension to different heights and lengths depending on your needs. We also supply a wide range of reputable brands, ranging from Toyota, Mitsubishi to Komatsu.

  • Affordable

    One deciding factor when it comes to purchasing your telescopic forklifts is price, and this is why we have one of the most competitive prices in the industry, so that you make the best out of your money.

  • Expertise

    We are just a call away to arrange a meeting to better understand your needs and requirements. You can be guaranteed of world-class service standards when you approach us for advice, and we have a team of professionals to hear you out and match your needs to the most suitable telescopic forklift.

Contact us today and let us know the telescopic forklift model you are looking for. We will check our stock and quote you our best price!