With a large focus on performance, Mitsubishi has stayed ahead of the market by producing many of the best forklifts and forklift products.

Mitsubishi’s new addition of electric counterbalance trucks as well as warehouse trucks has a new focus on design in order to improve performance consistently pushes their products to the forefront of the industry.

Why choose Mitsubishi?

A stern focus on maximizing design potential is what makes Mitsubishi forklifts stand out amongst the pack. By focusing not only on improving performance, Mitsubishi has also been able to do so while reducing energy consumption, hence bringing a lot of value to their clients. Their new electric forklifts EDiA EX and FB series have spoken for themselves, by already winning numerous awards and gaining quick recognition.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Wide Range of Capacities

    Mitsubishi forklifts for sale provides a wide range of load capacities from 1 to 7 tonnes. Their large series of forklifts will definitely cater to your work requirements, be it warehouse management or heavy industrial transport. At Singapore Forklift, we bring in Mitsubishi forklifts such that you can optimize your operations while ensuring you spend only on what you need.

  • Various sizes

    Mitsubishi has produced many series of forklifts. These forklifts differ not only in lifting capacity but also on size. This allows you to pick a smaller forklift if you operate in a tightly-spaced warehouse, or a larger forklift if you operate mainly in the outdoor open areas. Depending on the materials to be handled, there are also a range of power sources to choose from. Again, we provide you further selections based on the requirements you have.

  • Sleek Product-Design

    Mitsubishi has understood the importance of design and innovation in manufacturing the ideal forklifts. With a focus on design, Mitsubishi has been able to ensure their forklifts improve lifting capacity whilst consuming a lower level of energy. This has not only been making employers smile, but employees as well, since Mitsubishi has also invested their design efforts into providing the best seating design for maximum user comfort.

Singapore Forklifts

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