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Top 8 Places To Take A Forklift Course in Singapore (Updated 2019)

For the many people looking to upgrade their skills in their respective industries, be it logistics, construction or engineering, having a forklift license to certify their ability to operate a forklift effectively increases the value they can bring to their company. By using a forklift, heavy goods and packages can be efficiently transported and organized in inventories, hence making a business work more smoothly and with fewer setbacks. In line with the vision for Lifelong Learning, this blog post aims to provide information to the reader in making an informed decision on where to obtain a certification to operate a forklift in a workplace environment.

Orange forklift in warehouse

Forklift Courses With SkillsFuture Credits

SkillsFuture is one of the skills upgrading schemes announced by the Singapore government in 2015 and it aims to develop the full potential of Singaporeans by supporting their efforts in attaining mastery of skills. According to Deputy Prime Minister Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, this is part of Singapore’s efforts to become a meritocracy of skills.

As such, in their respective SkillsFuture Credit accounts, all Singaporeans aged 25 and above would have received an opening credit of S$500 as of January 2016. This credit will not expire and there will even be periodic top-ups for citizens to accumulate their credit. The credit can be used for a range of Government-supported courses to hone skills that have been identified as critical skills to develop for the next stage of Singapore’s economy.

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Quick and Easy Forklift Maintenance Tips

Forklifts are simple machines that are ideal for many industrial purposes. With the improvement in technology over the years, forklifts are now more advanced and can perform multiple logistical tasks efficiently and effectively. However, as with many machines, they involve many small parts that wear out over time. To keep your forklift functioning properly, here are a few tips, that can help maintain your forklifts at its best state possible.

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Toyota Forklift Safety Tips

Toyota Forklifts are one of the most commonly used forklifts in the world. Whether you are looking to rent a forklift or purchase one, with its high quality and durability, you will definitely not be disappointed.

If you use a Toyota Forklift, find out more about the unique safety features which they have and also follow these safety tips to make sure that you can prevent accidents from happening!

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Forklifts Safety Tips and Checklist

Working environments which require the use of forklifts, such as in warehouses, mining sites or construction areas, are highly hazardous and prone to accidents of many kinds. People working in these environments are encouraged consistently to be vigilant and to put their own safety above all else. Not only are the worker’s welfare affected, but the harsh penalties imposed by the Ministry of Manpower will affect the business’ reputation as well, should safety be neglected in the workplace. Provided below are some safety tips, given in a checklist format, for forklift operators to observe on a daily basis, to protect themselves and their colleagues as well.

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How Much Does A Forklift Cost?

A forklift is an important asset in your construction or logistical needs and can help boost productivity and efficiency of work in the long-run. However, forklifts these days aren’t getting any cheaper. In fact, like any vehicle nowadays, many factors affect the prices of the forklift and its affordability.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a forklift, understanding your needs for the forklift, and considering the variables that will add to its final costs are essential in getting the most appropriate forklift.