Komatsu is a Japanese company which has been around for many decades, since its founding in Komatsu City in 1921. It is the second largest manufacturing company in the world, with 25 plants located globally, and specializes in heavy equipment, forklifts included.

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With a wide range of knowledge in the equipment manufacturing field, Komatsu’s Forklifts have proven to be versatile in meeting a wide range of customer needs. For customers with a tighter budget, we also have used Komatsu forklifts for sale too!

Why choose Komatsu?

Being one of the most experienced, if not the most, forklift companies in the world, Komatsu strives to provide excellent value to its clients through perfecting their forklifts. Each and every one of Komatsu’s forklifts undergoes rigorous tests and diagnostics to ensure it is adequately certified for use. Other than the meticulousness of the Japanese, Komatsu also produces highly value-for-money forklifts, by ensuring you pay for what you get, and no less. This is why Komatsu is the preferred partner of many companies in the mining and industrial sectors.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Trusted expertise

    Komatsu prides itself in being able to meet a wide range of customer needs with regards to the forklift industry. Such innovation is gained from years of expertise not just within the forklift industry, but also in other areas of equipment manufacturing as well. Singapore Forklifts offers and extensive series of models, customers can choose from depending on their cargo weight and lifting height requirements, as well as the turning radius and whether it is an electric, diesel, or oil run model.

  • After-Sales Support

    At Singapore Forklifts, we have our very own team of trained and experienced engineers and mechanics to assist you. This allows for a reliable reference for us when conducting maintenance and repair of your forklifts, hence ensuring you that the faults can be resolved as soon as possible.

Singapore Forklifts

Here at Singapore Forklift, we always pick the best forklifts from the best manufacturers for our customers to choose from. Komatsu has a great record for providing innovative solutions for their forklifts, and has proven themselves by being a global market leader in the field. Do contact us today for a consultation to determine which Komatsu forklift suits your operations best. If not, we also offer forklifts from other brands like Toyota or Hyster.

Let us know what is the job scope for the materials handling equipment so we can advice you on the best forklift to use. Contact us now!