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An order picker is a variation of a forklift that is used in warehouses to retrieve items from racks up to 10 metres high. These machinery require a valid license to operate, which can be easily obtained by attending forklift courses.

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Difference between a Regular Forklift and Order Picker Forklift

There are various kinds of forklifts available, and order picker is just one of them.

Location of operator

Forklift - Difference between Forklift and Order Picker

The operator in a typical forklift sits in a car-like area while steering the vehicle around. This machine comes with controls such as the brake, accelerator and a joystick to navigate the lifting mechanisms.

Order Picker - Difference between Forklift and Order Picker

On the other hand, in an order picker, the operator is standing upright on a platform that has been safely secured. He then controls the platform to move up and down while retrieving loads manually.


Forklifts are usually used to carry heavy loads and to provide convenient access to stack pallets. This is possible even for racks at a taller height.

Order pickers are used to lift the worker to the right rack such that he is able to take the item. This enables the handy retrieval of load and also serves other functions such as efficient labelling.

How it is powered

The former may be powered by petrol or electricity, while the latter is usually operated by battery.

As both vehicles require different ways of manoeuvring, they require different licenses to operate. Other types of forklifts include reach trucks, pallet trucks and tow tractors.

Types of Order Pickers

There are two main types of order pickers: mid-level and high-level. Depending on the size of your warehouse and inventory requirements, you should pick the right one.

Height: 4 – 8 metres
Lift capacity: 1,300 kilograms

Height: 6 – 10 metres
Lift capacity: 1,300 kilograms

High-level order pickers are able to work within narrower aisles as compared to mid-level pickers.

Order Picker with Wire Guidance

Notice the wire guides on the floor: Source

These machines are usually guided by wire or rail so that they can operate in an aisle as narrow as 1.4 metres, allowing 2 order pickers to access an aisle side-by-side at the same time.

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