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Singapore Forklifts possess a wide variety forklift accessories for sale. From replacement parts to additional forklift parts to make your forklifts more versatile, you can find all these accessories here.

Because we purchase some of these items in large quantity, we are able to achieve economies of scale and provide them to our customers at extremely affordable prices!

Replacement Parts

Singapore Forklifts has a range of forklift batteries and chargers for sale. Depending on the voltage that you require, there will definitely be one to suit your needs.

We have a range of forklift forks of different lengths. These are mainly the standard forks with a standard taper and rounded tips. If you require more specialised accessories, feel free to contact us!

We carry a variety of quality forklift tyres including those of different brands and designs. We also offer special application tyres to meet the unique needs of businesses.

If you prefer to repair rather than replace your old tyres, we also provide reliable repair services.

Additional Accessories

It is easy to install and it shines a bright light on the floor to alert workers around it that the forklift is approaching. This can help cut down on accidents happening at workplace which can happen when there are workers in the blind spot of the operator, the forklift warning light coupled with the back-up alarm can help warn workers so they can move away from the path of the forklift.

With this added feature, operators can use laser guidance so they can line up the fork slots in pallets and with the rack beams with ease. Not only will this ensure that your goods are safe but also your operator as it allows safer and more accurate placement when putting or pulling pallets. It reduces the chances of damaged goods and the chances of goods falling off shelves while operating the forklift.

The lockout tools in this kit allows you to protect your forklift against theft and accidental start ups. Also included are a steering wheel cover to lock the steering wheel while the hasp and cable lockout pedal holds the steering wheel in place.

Forklift cages allow for quicker and safer transportation of maintenance personnel to where they are needed.

As these work platforms have the ability to reach higher areas as compared to ladders, they also have added safety features including a non-skid platform, a steel safety screen to shelter operators from the forklift mast and a safety chain to attach the platform to the machine.

Don’t see what you need here? Feel free to just drop us a call and we may be able to assist you.