Forklift Cages are used together with forklifts in order to transport workers or elevate workers to a higher level for working, while ensuring that these workers are safe from falling. As such, these forklift cages must be sturdy and safely secured.

Benefits and Advantages

Safe and Sturdy

Transporting workers using a forklift may involve falling risks as well as collision risks. At Singapore Forklift, we take into account such risks and understand that our forklift cages must be safe and sturdy for the workers during operations. Our cages are durable such that they remain sturdy through long periods of time, thus ensuring the safety of your workers. Additionally, our forklift cages are fitted with internal handrails that the workers can hold on to for further stability.

Easily Fitted with Forklifts

Apart from being safe and sturdy, our forklift cages are also light and easily fitted on to forklifts with different sizes. This ensures that your operations require less time, since our forklift cages are easily deployed with less time and manpower required.

Strong and Large Capacity

Depending on the sizes your require, the forklift cages for sale can accommodate different numbers of people. They will  also be fitted with a swinging door for easy entry into the cage. The door can be easily secured, such that workers inside will not easily fall off in elevated positions.


Singapore Forklift has been a leading supplier of forklift cages for years. This is because of our commitment to safety, as we strive to not only provide a sturdy and value-for-money product, but also one that can protect your workers from harm.

We have an extensive range of forklift cages for sale so contact us for more information regarding our prices.