The electric pallets jacks for sale make maneuvering heavy cargo within the warehouse effortless, convenient and productive. The electric pallet jacks are suitable for using as a staging area for loading and unloading goods as well as mid-distance runs.

No matter what job it is, these electrical pallets will increase the productivity and will be the perfect solution and asset for any application.

Electric pallet jack

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What Type Of Electric Pallet Jack Do You Require?

If you are thinking about getting an electric pallet jack, here are some pointers to consider when choosing one so that you can make an informative decision.

Thinking about what type of cargo and goods that the pallet jack would be transporting. What is the average weight of the cargo? What are the sizes of the pallets? This would give you a gauge to the model and type of electric pallet jack you should be acquiring so that you can safely and efficiently transport your goods.

There are two more common types of electric pallet jacks for sale.

  • Walkie – This type of pallet jack allows the users to walk with it with very little effort required for pulling or pushing it. Operators can use the throttle on the handle to move it forward or in reverse and the steering is done by swinging the handle in the desired direction.
  • Platform – Also known as the stand-on pallet jacks, these electric pallet jacks have a platform attached where users can stand on the pallet jack. This provides added convenience for older workers which may be important in aging countries just like Singapore.

The usage requirement of your warehouse will also determine whether you require a light duty or heavy duty electric pallet:

  • Light Duty – Can be used for a few hours a day transporting and moving pallets.
  • Heavy Duty – Suitable for non-stop use for up to 8 hours a day.

If you require an electric pallet jack that needs to be fully functional 24 hours day, getting a unit which can allow for a quick battery swap would be the most ideal solution.

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