A Manual Forklift, also known as a pallet jack, is used for lifting pallets, and is the most basic form of a forklift. It works by using a pump handle to raise the jack, and a small handle at the tiller to lower the load on the fork. It should be noted that the fork is only lifted above the floor enough for subsequent travel, hence it is useful mostly for moving heavy objects, and not stacking or elevating them.

Yellow manual forklift

Types of Manual Forklifts For Sale

At Singapore Forklift, we strive to provide the best manual forklift for sale to meet your needs. We offer two kinds of manual forklifts. They are summarized as below:

  • Basic Manual Forklift – Most suitable for retail and warehouse operations
  • Powered Manual Forklift – Motorized manual forklifts for greater lifting power. Contains a platform for the user to stand on depending on the model chosen. The movement of the powered manual forklift is easily steered via a throttle.

Why Manual Forklifts?

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    With lower maintenance and operating costs, the manual forklifts can be operated without the need for a license unlike the powered ones. Even with the powered forklifts, manual forklifts are still required to complement some material handling operations.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Manual Forklifts are often smaller than power-driven alternatives. This allows for a greater range of usage, from general handling to small racking facilities. Their smallness in size does not mean they are ineffective though, with lift capacities often reaching around 1000kg and lift heights reaching 3.3 metres.

Singapore Forklifts

We believe in making work tasks simpler, faster and more efficient. This is why we are in the business of providing equipment such as manual pallet jacks which improve the efficiency of your businesses, in turn bringing greater value to you. Additionally, we provide after service support for our products as well. Any maintenance and replacements required would be provided as soon as possible.

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