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Scissor and boom lifts are 2 types of aerial lifts that can be used to transport people, goods and materials to areas that are hard to reach.

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Types of Scissor Lifts


Suitable for: Outdoor use

Diesel scissor lifts, also known as engine-powered scissor lifts, are powered by diesel engines. As such, they release exhaust gases and are typically preferred for outdoor use.

Diesel scissor lifts have larger working platforms and are usually noisier than their electric counterparts.

Yellow electric scissor lift


Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use

Electric scissor lifts are smaller in size and have narrower platforms than their diesel counterparts. As they are powered by batteries, they do not emit exhaust fumes. Thus, this type of scissor lift is more environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Scissor Lifts

  • Easy To Operate

    Scissor lifts have simple controls, making them easy to learn and operate.

  • Access Hard To Reach Areas

    Scissor lifts can typically reach a maximum height of 16m. This allows workers to access high and hard to reach areas.

  • Suitable For Narrow Spaces

    Scissor lifts are small and compact in size. Thus, they are great for working in tight areas where space is limited.

  • Improved Safety Of Workers

    Scissor lifts provide workers with a safe method of transporting goods and reaching high areas. Therefore, injuries resulting from manual labour are minimised.

Types of Boom Lifts

Yellow articulating boom lift


Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use

Articulating boom lifts are also known as knuckle booms. They have multiple joints along the arm that allow them to manoeuvre easily over obstacles. However, articulating boom lifts can only move forward or backwards.

Yellow telescopic boom lift


Suitable for: Indoor use and outdoors only where there is a smooth, hard surface

Telescopic boom lifts, or straight boom lifts, are useful for reaching particularly high areas and can move in any direction.

Blue electric boom lift


Suitable for: Indoor use

Electric boom lifts are powered by batteries and typically used indoors. They are great for reaching over obstacles and can be used in narrow spaces due to their compact size.

Benefits of Boom Lifts

  • Ability To Maneuver Around Objects

    The arm of the boom lift can be angled in various directions, enabling workers to manoeuvre around objects or access hard to reach areas more conveniently.

  • Access To High Areas

    Boom lifts can lift workers and materials up to a height of 40m. This allows workers to access high areas with ease.

  • Greater Safety

    Similar to scissor lifts, boom lifts also provide workers with a safe and efficient method of transporting items and goods to a given height.

Differences Between Scissor Lifts And Boom Lifts

Flexibility Of Movement

Unlike boom lifts that can move in various directions and angles, scissor lifts can only move vertically. Thus, boom lifts offer greater flexibility in terms of manoeuvring around obstacles.

Reliable Service Provider

Boom lifts, which have a maximum height of 40m, allow workers to reach a higher point as compared to scissor lifts, which can only reach a height of 16m.

Size Of The Platform

Boom lifts have smaller working platforms as compared to scissor lifts. They usually only allow for the transportation of a few workers and items at one time.

Why Rent A Scissor Or Boom Lift With Singapore Forklifts?

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Singapore Forklifts is a trusted service provider for machinery rental and repair services in Singapore. We are dedicated to using our experience to offer the best machinery that will meet your needs!

Wide Range To Choose From

We carry a variety of scissor and boom lifts for you to choose from. If you need help deciding on the type of scissor or boom lift that will best suit your business, speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable engineers today!

Expert Maintenance and Repair

To ensure your safety and a hassle-free rental experience, we conduct regular maintenance on our aerial lifts. Our team of engineers are also equipped with the expertise to repair your scissor or boom lift such that it is good as new!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any business that needs to access hard to reach or high areas will need to rent a scissor or boom lift. However, a boom lift will be a better option if you need to manoeuvre around objects.

The cost of the rental will depend on the type of scissor or boom lift and the duration of the rental. Contact us for an accurate quotation now!

Scissor and boom lifts are a safe method of moving workers and materials to a high location. However, it is important to observe the necessary safety precautions when operating or mounting these lifts.

No, we do not provide scissor and boom lift rental with drivers. You will need to be certified to operate a scissor or boom lift.

You will need to obtain a certificate from the WSQ Operate Scissor Lift Course and/or WSQ Operate Boom Lift Course before you can operate either a scissor or boom lift.

You can find the list of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) via the MySkillsFuture portal.